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Pup it up!


Watch your skills step up to the next level when social and emotional lessons are taught with a playful pup.

social learning, pup up, dogs, autism

Partnering with a dog will enhance the ability to generalize lessons, to empathize with another being, and to foster flexible thinking & creativity.

Our mission at Pup Up Social Learning is to develop a child's social, emotional, and sensory regulation skills through playful 30-minute sessions with certified therapy dogs.

  • executive functioning/organizational skills 

  • perspective taking 

  • social thinking (Michelle Garcia Winner)

  • the zones of regulation (Leah M. Kuypers)

  • confidence and self esteem 

  • impulse control

Pup Up focuses on a child's social-emotional developmental through dog related games and play. The Pup Up playroom addresses all social challenges, but is specifically designed to help learners with social cognitive deficits (such as, but not limited, to Asperger’s Syndrome, High Functioning Autism, and learning differences). The Pup Up program aims to strengthen social skills and self-esteem through Canine Assisted Interactions. 

pup up, social learning, dogs and autism
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