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social learning, dogs and autism, pup up

Meg (and her loving pups) join for Pup Social Learning lessons in my diverse a classroom setting at Friends School Haverford, as well as my summer program, Carousel Connections. She brings with her an unbelievable knowledge of dog and behavior training, Zones of Regulation and Social Thinking curriculum, and an understanding of how to connect with children. Meg is organized, creative, engaging, and inspiring to watch in action! She is also flexible in her approach and leans in to listen/observe the child to introduce the next strategy or tool. Thank you, Meg, for sharing Pup Up Social Learning with our community!

Amy McCann

Learning Specialist, Friends School Haverford

Pup Up Social Learning  is an innovative playroom/classroom where children team up with playful, certified therapy dogs. Children partner with certified therapy dogs (TDI) to strengthen the child's social and emotional skills in a playful, non judgmental environment. Sessions with the dog or dogs are personalized for each child's specific needs and goals. 

Meg Boscov is committed to helping children and their families through carefully constructed sessions utilizing her knowledge of children with special needs and her highly trained dogs. In 2016 Ms. Boscov brought her Pup Up program to Friends School Haverford, working with the Preschool through 4th grade in conjunction with Learning Specialist, Amy McCain. Ms. Boscov is pleased to be working again with Ms. McCain this summer in a independence building program, Carousel Connections, for teenagers and young adults with special needs. 


Meg has been active for 12 years in Animal Assisted Activities with her previous dogs and now currently with her Cavaliers—Kipper and Poppins—through Therapy Dog International. She and her Cavaliers enjoy visiting Dupont Children’s Hospital and local schools. Kip and Poppins cheer up all with their big repertoire of tricks and dance moves. 


Meg is a graduate of Dr. Rise Van Fleet’s Level 1 Animal Assisted Play Therapy and she currently leads level 2 workshops with Dr. Rise Van Fleet. Meg is currently enrolled in an eight-month Animal and Human Health Certificate program through the Institute for Human-Animal Connection at University of Denver's Graduate School of Social Work. This graduate level class offers an in-depth study of Animal Assisted Interactions. 


Meg’s years of experience in humane and science-based dog training ensures that her dogs are carefully selected and highly trained, in order to keep children both safe and engaged in therapeutic play.  She is a certified pet dog trainer (CPDT-KA), a graduate of Pat Miller’s Level 1 Training Academy, Dr. Susan Friedman’s LLA Professional Course and two sessions of Dr. Friedman’s week-long Contemporary Animal Training and Management certificate workshop. Meg enjoys competing and holds titles in Rally/ Free and Musical Freestyle.


Meg was the co-founder of Mutt Match, a nationally recognized nonprofit service matched families with dogs in shelters and rescues. Mutt Match successfully matched over 150 dogs with loving homes. Meg relied on her extensive knowledge of canine behavior and family dynamics in order to accomplish successful adoptions.


Meg regularly pursues continuing education and professional development, attending seminars on a regular basis with nationally recognized experts in children with special needs, as well as dog training and behavior.


As a mother of two wonderful grown children, Meg empathizes deeply with the challenges of parenting. Meg also emphasizes deeply with children who need a little extra support with social and emotional skills. 

social learning, dogs and autism, pup up

Meg Boscov brings skill, experience and compassion to every session. She has my highest recommendation.



Patricia B McConnell, PhD, CAAB

Emeritus, University of Wisconsin

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