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Pup Up focuses on a child's social-emotional development through dog related games and play. The Pup Up program aims to strengthen social competencies through Canine Assisted Education. Our mission at Pup Up Social Learning is to develop a child's social, emotional, and sensory regulation skills through playful sessions with certified therapy dogs.



  • executive  functioning & organizational  skills

  • perspective  taking

  • social  thinking  (Michelle  Garcia  Winner)

  • the  zones  of  regulation  (Leah  M.  Kuypers)

  • confidence  and  self  esteem

  • problem  solving

  • empathy,  friendship,  and  kindness  skill


Each  session after  the  first  reviews  previous  concepts while  introducing  learners  to  a  new  element  of social learning. During  the  program...


...we  introduce  learners  to  the  Zones  of  Regulation  and  to  dogs’  experience  of  these  zones

....we  learn  about  dogs’  body  language and  safety.


 ...we  learn  about  expected  and  unexpected  behaviors.

....we  work  with  the  concept  of  “toolboxes.”  

...we  work  with  the  concept  of  “size  of  the  problem.”  

...we  learn  how  to  “fill  each  other’s  buckets.” 

The  program  offers  flexibility  for  schools.  Fees  are $30  per  20-minute  session;  $100  for  school-wide presentations. Options might  includethe  following:


  • Five  to  six  weekly  sessions

  • Five  to  six  monthly sessions

  • 20-minute  or  40-minute  sessions

  • Sessions  geared  to  specific  groups  of  learners

  • Others, such  asa  one-time  school  presentation


Meg  Boscov,  CPDT


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